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The following web addresses have each been recommended by at least one member of the FixGov forum. Explanatory descriptions have been included in most cases, often as supplied by the sites themselves, which are therefore responsible for the accuracy of the description. The authors and editors do not necessarily agree with statements and opinions on these sites. For convenience the listings have been arranged in categories generally following the chapters, although some overlapping occurs. For example, some sites that could be listed as Global and National Action appear instead under the topics to which they relate. The editors regret if any sites may turn out not to be accessible by the time you try them.


Globalisation Problems

Agenda 21 & Other UNCED Agreements

The High Priests of Globalisation

Buckminster Fuller Institute
Economic and political analysis by the genius inventor of the geodesic dome.

Bretton Woods Project
Critical Voices on the IMF and World Bank.

CIA. Global Trends 2015
A Dialogue about the Future with Nongovernmental Experts.

Covert Action
Keeps you up-to-date on covert activities, cover-ups, military affairs, and current trouble spots. Contributors include many ex-intelligence officers who saw the error of their ways.

Earth Charter
"We must join together to bring forth a sustainable global society founded on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice, and a culture of peace. Towards this end, it is imperative that we, the peoples of Earth, declare our responsibility to one another, to the greater community of life, and to future generations."

Global Exchange
“Global Exchange is a human rights organization dedicated to promoting environmental, political, and social justice around the world. Since our founding in 1988, we have been striving to increase global awareness among the US public while building international partnerships around the world.”
World Bank / IMF Links.

Global Issues that affect everyone
Maintained by Anup Shah in his spare time and at his own expense. All information presented is well documented with links to sources.

Global Village or Global Pillage?

Growth May Be Good for the Poor—But are IMF and World Bank Policies Good for Growth?
A Closer Look at the World Bank's Most Recent Defense of Its Policies.

International Forum on Gloalization (IFG)
The IFG first met in 1994 in the wake of NAFTA and the Uruguay Round of GATT, recognizing that global governance was being taken over by transnational corporations and their international trade bureaucracies. Begun as a think tank among some thirty people (later expanded to over sixty), the IFG favors new international agreements that place the needs of people, local economies, and the natural world ahead of the interest of corporations.

Multinational Monitor's on-line database
World Bank, IMF, environmental and labor issues, searchable back issues, and links to other sources on corporate and international issues.

Open Democracy
Forum on Globalisation.

Poverty in Africa -- World Bank

Secession Network
“ At least 5,000 ethnic, linguistic and racial groups are lumped together into only 189 nation states. Most of the world's violent conflicts are related to struggles for dominance within or independence from some large, multi-national nation state. A large portion of the world's people would choose to secede from their respective nation states if given the opportunity.”

United Nations - Universal Declaration of Human Rights

World Watch Institute


Environmental Issues

Audubon Society Online

Bullfrog Films
Environmental and Educational Videos.

Earth First Journal
Radical Environmental Journal

Capitol Report - Environmental News Links

Centre for Science and Environment

Climate Neutral Travelling

Climate Solutions - Publications

Columbia University Studies
2001 Environmental Sustainability Index.
Country Profiles.

Earth from Space - Earth Observatory

Earth Science Image Gallery

Eco-Standards for Multinationals
Multinationals with High Eco-Standards Most Likely to Succeed. (UK)

Federation of American Scientists

Friends of the Earth
Opposes genetically engineered food, and has sued to force cost-benefit analysis of the US Forest Service's logging program.

Genetically Engineered Food
“Green Peace website fighting genetically engineered food in Kellogg's cereal and other products. Kellogg promises not to use genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in their cereal sold in Europe, but refuses that promise to Americans.”

Green Innovations (Australia)

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
IATP promotes resilient family farms, rural communities and ecosystems around the world through research and education, science and technology, and advocacy.

Lindzen on ClimateChange
Global Warming: The Origin and Nature of the Alleged Scientific Consensus, Richard S. Lindzen, the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (Opponent of the global warming theories.)

Oil Resources
Named after the late Dr. M. King Hubbert, geophysicist, this website provides data, analysis and recommendations regarding the upcoming peak in the rate of global oil extraction.

Planet Drum
“ Developed the concept of a bioregion: a distinct area with coherent and interconnected plant and animal communities, and natural systems, often defined by a watershed.”

Public Interest Research Groups
Grassroot campaign to make polluters, not taxpayers, pay for clean up of toxic waste sites

Rainforest Action Network

Resource Center on Business, the Environment and the Bottom Line

Sierra Club (USA)
“ Protecting the Environment... For Our Families, For Our Future.”

United Nations System-wide Earth Watch
Earthwatch is a United Nations initiative to coordinate and share UN-wide information on the global environment

Wind Turbines
A Social Network for the Wind Turbine Community


World Scientists' Warning To Humanity


Economic and Financial Topics

Achieving Eco-nomic Security on Spaceship Earth
A nuts and bolts, how to, common sense book about how to use free-market-forces to revitalize our national and world economies in ways that are completely ecologically sustainable. Jim Bell is an independent broadcaster in California. His radio show at 10-11 p.m. Sundays can be heard on the Internet.

Campaign for America’s Future
For a budget that meets social needs rather than favoring the rich and the war machine

Chossudovsky on Global Finance and Poverty
The G7 "Solution" to the Global Financial Crisis - A Marshall Plan for Creditors and Speculators by Michel Chossudovsky.
Global Falsehoods: How the World Bank and the UNDP Distort the Figures on Global Poverty. By Michel Chossudovsky.

Economic Policy Institute
Provides information and links to various organizations.

Economic Policy News
Home page provides links to numerous non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Galbraith on Economic Fallacies
“How the Economists Got It Wrong.”

New Economics Foundation

Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT)
“ Economics for Human Development.”

Redefining Progress
Favors the “Genuine Progress Indicator” over misleading GDP figures.

The True Majority
Against squandering wealth on war


Political Systems

The Ballot Box
“The Deception of a Democracy.”

Black Radical Congress
“Forging a Black Liberation Agenda for the 21st Century.”

Capitol Strategy
Washington's Political Portal.

Center for Public Integrity
“ to provide the American public with the findings of its investigations and analyses of public service, government accountability, and ethics-related issues via books, reports and newsletters.”

No vote count, No victory! No justice, No peace!

Gore Won Site

League of Women Voters (USA)
LWV, “a nonpartisan political organization, encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.”

Public Campaign
Working against campaign finance abuse

Nazis and the Republican Party

Thomas Paine
Inspired by the radical writer of the American Revolution, Thomas Paine.


Corporate Power

Corporation history
“ The creation & development of English commercial corporations and the abolition of democratic control over their behaviour.”

Corporate Watch

Multinational Monitor
Founded by Ralph Nader. September 2001 issue features “Bearing the Burden of IMF and World Bank Policies.”

Programs on Corporations, Law and Democracy.

Top 100 Corporate Criminals of the Decade

World Economic Forum
Incorporated since 1971 as a foundation, it has become an institution comprised of the 1,000 most powerful corporations in the world. In 2002 it moved its annual meeting from from its traditional setting in Davos, Switzerland to New York in an act of solidarity with the city.


Monetary Systems

Cyberclass Network
Emphasis on community currencies vs. fiat money.

Cyberclass – LETS
LETS. Local Employment Trading System. Usury-free Community Currency.
700 LETS timetrading systems in 45 different countries.

Commodity Currencies
“ Commodity Currencies for Fair and Stable International Exchange Rates.” By Walter Plinge.

Community Exchange Systems in Asia, Africa and Latin America

Davies on Monetary History
History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day by Glyn Davies

Debt Slavery
The Grip of Death: a study of modern money, debt slavery and destructive economics by Michael Rowbotham

Future of Money
The future of money in the information age. Ed. by James A. Dorn

Greco on Community Currencies
New Money for Healthy Communities by Thomas H. Greco, Jr.

International Journal of Community Currency Research
“The aim of this journal is to provide a forum for the dissemination of knowledge and understanding about the emerging array of community currencies being used throughout the world both at present and in the past.”

Islamic Banking
Islamic banking. By Mohamed Ariff, University of Malaya.
Principles of Islamic Banking.

Lietaer on Community Currencies
Community Currencies. By Bernard Lietaer.

Menger on the origins of money
The origins of money. Carl Menger.

Mondragon Coop
Successful Cooperative in Spain.

Monetary Reform
Electronz. The New Zealand monetary reform weekly e-zine (edited by Don Bethune, QSM)

No Usury Net
Ed. by T.J. Kennedy.

Reinventing Money
Reinventing Money, Restoring the Earth, Reweaving the Web of Life. By Carol Brouillet.

Shann Turnbull of Australia on money and banking

Communications Media

Cronkite on the Media
Famous American TV newsman Walter Cronkite’s comments on the media.

An organization dedicated to "Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting" (FAIR), that has email notices and a website to expose incomplete and/or inaccurate information in the media.

McChesney on the Media
Criticism of the media by a communications professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Media Watchers and Activists
Civil organisations that participate in Media Watch: a model for civic action.

PR Watch
Exposing the activities of secretive, little-known propaganda-for-hire firms that work to control political debates and public opinion.

UN World Summit on the Information Society.
What values do we embrace to ensure that the Information Society becomes a vehicle for democracy, justice, equality, the respect for individuals and peoples, their personal and social development?


Alternative News

American Partisan (Internet magazine)
“Hard Hitting Commentary and Informative News.”

American Prospect, The (USA)
A Magazine of Politics, Policy and Culture.

Arianna on Line
Arianna Huffington is a nationally syndicated columnist and author of eight books. She conducted a “shadow convention” to expose hypocrisy in U.S. major party conventions. In her book, How To Overthrow the Government, she “describes how America has been torn in two—divided between a moneyed elite getting rich from globalization and an increasing number of citizens left choking on the dust of Wall Street's galloping bulls.”

Blue Ear Forum
“Global Writing Worth Reading.” Journalists and authors from many countries write on observations, comment, books, travel, etc.

Deep Dish TV
“ A national satellite network, linking local access producers and programmers, independent video makers, activists, and other individuals who support the idea and reality of a progressive television network.”

Environmental Media Services

Environment News Service

Harry Timez Link Page
Maintained by a Swedish journalist, in English. Brief excerpts and links to current news and comment in major publications.

Indymedia - independent media reports
Eyewitness reports from protest meetings against WTO, IMF and World Bank abuses, such as at Seattle, at the Republican and Democratic conventions, and at Quebec, Genoa, Washington, etc.

Mother Jones Magazine – The MoJo Wire
“Daily News and Resources for the Sceptical Citizen.”

Paper Tiger Television (PTTV)
“ An open, non-profit, volunteer video collective. Through the production and distribution of our public access series, media literacy/video production workshops, community screenings and grassroots advocacy PTTV works to challenge and expose the corporate control of mainstream media.”

Project Censored at Sonoma State University in California
Weekly release of important news under-covered by mainstream press.
Annual lists of the most neglected and the most over-covered news stories in the mainstream media.

Prospect Magazine (UK)
"Prospect is the magazine for the intellectually curious general reader who appreciates finely written essays across the spectrum of political, intellectual and cultural debate. It is the intelligent monthly based in Britain—but with an international mind and an international readership."

World Daily Net
“A Free Press For A Free People.”

Znet and Zmag
“ A Community of People Concerned about Social Change.” This is a major electronic magazine featuring many comments and interviews including ones with Noam Chomsky.

Alternative Life Styles

Alternet on Cultural Creatives
50 Million Creatives?

Alternatives for Simple Living

Bicycling Community Page

Canelo Project Mexico
Straw bale and cob construction.

Co-Intelligence Institute
“Co-intelligence is living well WITH each other and life, creatively using diversity and uniqueness, consciously evolving together in partnership with nature, transforming culture. Use it for organizational development, better family relations, community renewal, and creating a more just, democratic and sustainable society.”

Development Center for Appropriate Technology
" DCAT fosters creative solutions for meeting current basic human needs in ways that preserve positive options for future generations."

Information Centre for Low-tech Sustainability

Korten on Civil Society
David Korten on Civil Society. An Unfolding Cultural Struggle.

Straw Bale Building Technology

Sustainable Development UK

Sustainable Economics
The bimonthly newsletter of the Green Economy Working Group of the Green Party of England and Wales.

Turtle Island Earth Stewards



Coalition for Self-Learning (CLC)

Northwest Earth Institute
“ NWEI is a pioneer in taking earth-centered education programs to people where they spend their time—in their neighborhoods, workplaces, homes, schools, and centers of faith.”

Plug into the Sun (UK)
Educational Resources and Workshops in Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development

Transforming Human Culture
Transforming Human Culture: Social Evolution and the Planetary Crisis by Jay Earley

Turtle Island Institute
Kokopelli Spirit Ezine, Resource Guides, Communities, and Social Transformation (under construction)


Global and National Action

Aligning With Purpose…for a Better World
Jay Fenello’s site: “Committed to peaceful, evolutionary change for the better. Here you will find assorted discussions and theories about what's wrong with our world, and what we can do about it. You will also find links to other sites consistent with our world view.”

Alliance for Global Justice - 50 Years is Enough Network
Opposing policies of World Bank and IMF.

Common Cause
Founded by Ralph Nader, "a non partisan citizen's group working for openness, honesty and accountability in government."

Congress Watchdog
Public Citizen's site for voting records.

Focus on the global South

Foundation for Enterprise Development
A non-profit organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and executives use employee ownership and equity compensation as a fair and effective means of motivating the workforce and improving corporate performance.

Mobilization for Global Justice
A key organization for the protest marches and demonstrations against policies of the World Bank and IMF. Site includes reports of past demonstrations.

Moore on Changing the World
How the world works and how we can change it by Richard Moore

People-Centered Development Forum (PCDForum)
Founded by David Korten, “an international alliance of individuals and organizations dedicated to the creation of just, inclusive, and sustainable human societies through voluntary citizen action.”

Physicians for Social Responsibility (US affiliate of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War)
PSR opposes hazardous transport and use of plutonium for nuclear energy plants around the world.
A Calendar of Protest, Meetings and Conferences.

Public Citizen
Founded by Ralph Nader to reform American politics.

Simultaneous Policy
The International Simultaneous Policy Organisation (ISPO), building support for commitments by all nations to restrain destructive competition and promote global justice. Information on the book, The Simultaneous Policy: An Insider's Guide to Saving Humanity and the Planet, by John Bunzl.

Transnational Resource & Action Center
“ Counters corporate-led globalization through education and activism.”

Union of Concerned Scientists

United Nations Reform
Campaign for U.N. Reform offers a questionnaire to pin down your candidates on foreign policy questions

United Nations – Sustainable Development – Agenda 21

Vote Smart
Project Vote Smart provides factual information on candidates' positions, voting records, backgrounds, and campaign financing.

World Federalist Association
WFA works for more effective world government.

World Social Forum
Forum Social Mundial.



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