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In this section of Global Fix we present the draft made by the members of FixGov, discussing the role of spirituality in the globalisation movement.

The values we endorse are: compassion, fulfilment, progress, diversity, liberation.








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The draft of FixGov.

Spirituality is our capacity to feel compassion for all living creatures and the earth. In this chapter we will examine the use of spirit to change our lives.

- spirituality supports the elevation, evolution and all round progress of all beings;
- spirituality includes the idea that human beings are more than their bodies and minds. They have an individual soul or individual self which transcends their body and mind;
- according to spirituality, the goal of human life is to realize the nature of your individual soul or self as one with the infinite source of all;
- attainment of that infinite source brings complete and permanent fulfilment of all human longings;
- consciously or unconsciously, all human beings want that complete and permanent fulfilment;
- when conscious efforts are made to attain that infinite source, those efforts may be called spiritual practices. Spiritual teachings are those teachings which are helpful in providing spiritual practices and guidance, and the source of these teachings may be internal (intuitional), external or both;
- spirituality is universal. It can be practiced at some level by anyone, as adjusted to their individual capacities, needs and requirements;
- human beings and all other finite beings have evolved from an infinite source and it is to that source that they ultimately return through their spiritual efforts and the grace of that infinite source;
- there is an attraction and family relationship among all human beings and other living beings due to their common spiritual origin and common spiritual destination;
- one's spiritual duty in life is to work for one's spiritual progress and to help others progress also;
- human beings require basic physical necessities of life, including proper guidance, in order to progress physically, mentally and spiritually;
- the proper role of society is to make sure that all have access to these basic physical necessities of life and that all have the opportunity to progress physically, mentally and spiritually;
- all beings, including animals and plants, are on a spiritual evolutionary path, and should be treated with love and respect;
- diversity is a law of nature, but all beings have the same ultimate spiritual potentiality and destination;
- others are a reflection of one's self, so in harming others, one harms oneself. In helping others, one helps oneself;
- deep changes come from within the individual, and then can spread to others;
- a positive example is the best teacher;
- everyone has the right to protect themselves and others from harm;
- spirituality supports the liberation of the human intellect from all narrow and dogmatic ideas and sentiments.



"We must join together to bring forth a sustainable global society founded on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice, and a culture of peace. Towards this end, it is imperative that we, the peoples of Earth, declare our responsibility to one another, to the greater community of life, and to future generations." [Earth Charter]



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