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Playing With The Numbers, How So-Called Experts Mislead Us about the Economy, by Richard A. Stimson, Westchester Press, 1999, 282 pp.



If you have ever wondered--
Why you're short of cash when per capita income is up?
Why taxes seem higher and more complex after they've been cut and simplified?
Why your stockbroker's predictions are so often wrong?
Why government accounting seems so mixed up?
Why globalism makes workers and the environment suffer?
Why elections have become so expensive and campaigns so corrupt?

--you will find clarification in Playing with the Numbers. It addresses serious controversial issues affecting the livelihood of most people.
Prof. Stimson exposes the misconceptions so often presented in public debate and rarely questioned by the news media, public officials, political candidates, or even purported economic experts.
He challenges conventional wisdom about national production, budget balancing, money management, employment levels, privatization, global trade, and market-oriented democracy in a shrinking world.
You may not agree with all his views, but it will make you think!


"Richard Stimson's Playing With The Numbers: How So-Called Experts Mislead Us About The Economy addresses the serious issues... is insightful, iconoclastic, thought-provoking, and ought to be a required addition to every high school and college economics class reading list."--Wisconsin Bookwatch and Internet Bookwatch.

"The author has a long list of credentials....He expresses opinions and offers explanations for a non-academic audience on a host of topics including taxes, government accounting, the global economy."--Reference & Research Book News.

"Draws attention to the misconceptions permeating economic assumptions and policies in the United States and suggests alternative solutions to today's economic problems."--Journal of Economic Literature (An American Economic Association Publication)

"The American media...doesn't understand...economic issues well enough to explain them....Stimson has given the press a map to follow in covering...growth, debt, deficits...." --Prof. William J. Quirk, University of South Carolina School of Law, coauthor, Abandoned: The Betrayal of the American Middle Class Since World War II

"Stimson's book is a handy guide for those who are skeptical about official economic statistics. It's a gold mine of useful correctives to prevailing wisdom and should be on the shelf of researchers, policy makers and ordinary citizens."--Charles Derber, author of Corporation Nation: How Corporations Are Taking Over Our Lives and What We Can Do About It.

"Stimson usefully debunks many misconceptions, including the flaws in official measures of unemployment and national production."--George P. Brockway, writer of monthly column, "The Dismal Science," in the New Leader, and author of at least three books on economics.

"Replete with balanced reasoning and sound judgments, the book should be of interest to a large audience."--Thomas J. Leary, Associate Professor Emeritus of Economics, University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

"I've read somewhere between 150-200 books that cover this subject and related issues. But none are as concise, detailed, and as easy to follow as is 'Playing With The Numbers.'".--Marguerite Hampton, Executive Director Turtle Island Institute,Editor, Kokopelli Spirit, Internet review on BlueEar Forum.


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